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Energetic, knowledgeable Personal Trainer with 12 years of experiences designing and monitoring fitness programs designed to accommodate client’s needs and requirements. Results oriented trainer, with a passion for designing programs that improve fitness, increase stamina and develop healthy living styles and a sense of well being. Ability to motivate and inspire clients regardless of physical fitness level and abilities, encouraging habits that are life changing. Complete accurate and thorough assessments to interpret physical data designed for the purpose of creating fitness and nutrition plans that maximize efficiency.

  • Snehal's Yoga Classes Team Work Group Fitness Plans Nutritional Plans
  • Snehal's Yoga Classes Exercise and Step Aerobic Programs Assessment and
  • Snehal's Yoga Classes Health and Wellness
  • Snehal's Yoga Classes Analysis and Problem Solving Yoga
  • Snehal's Yoga Classes Strength Training Flexibility Training In-home Workouts
  • Snehal's Yoga Classes Equipment Maintenance

First Fitness Pashan Pune -21

Worked with gym clients, completing assessments for new clients, creating and implementing training and nutrition schedules.Assisted members in setting goals, maintained database for progress.Organized group workouts for members that included aerobic and weight training routines. Coordinated and organized marketing and special events to promote gym and personal training services. As a result of effective promotions and superior service and results, personal training clientele increased by 25% over the last 1 years Conceptualized, designed and implemented strength training programs to fit individual the needs and goals of each client Develop and lead staff training and continuing education classes to ensure gym staff is current in new technologies and standards.


Personable and passionate Yoga Teacher, dedicated to sharing the Yoga tradition and lifestyle with eager students.. Ability to emphathise and develop relationships with people of different abilities and from varying backgrounds.

Core Competencies

  • Snehal's Yoga ClassesAnatomy of Yoga
  • Snehal's Yoga ClassesYoga Therapeutics
  • Snehal's Yoga ClassesYoga Philosophy
  • Snehal's Yoga ClassesPranayama

Facilitate Traditional style yoga classes in a group setting, explaining the benefits of each asana and provide modifications based on physical limitations. Highly competent in providing instruction in Pranayama (breath techniques), and providing instruction in the teachings of Yoga Provide a welcoming and comfortable environment, effectively communicating to students, while enabling a thorough understanding of the important concepts of Yoga. Clear explanations of benefits of Asana with focus on proper alignment. Verbal and assisted adjustments to modify and enhance poses based on individual needs. Conduct Instruction on proper Pranayama (breath techniques). Provide guidance in meditation and relaxation techniques..


  • Snehal's Yoga Classes Bachelor of Art, 2002(University of Pune)
  • Snehal's Yoga Classes K11 Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Certification, 2012-2013
  • Snehal's Yoga Classes Yoga Teacher Certification, (1St In Yoga Teacher Training )2012-2013
  • Snehal's Yoga Classes CPR Training Certification, 2012-2011
  • Snehal's Yoga Classes Power yoga Certification (PARAM YOGA) Pilates Therapy (PARAM YOGA)
  • Snehal's Yoga Classes Medical Yoga from Real Body Institute.
  • Snehal's Yoga Classes Medical yoga from Niramay Yog Chikitsa Kendra.

Our mission

The aim of the Yoga Urja organization is to bring high quality yoga experience to individuals from diverse backgrounds, demystifying this ancient tradition and making it relevant to modern times. Our highly qualified team of teachers believe in the most authentic practice and are uniquely equipped to address a wide range of health and fitness goals.

Snehal's Yoga Classes

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